We specialize in constructing self-storage facilities and industrial buildings. We have a perfect track record for project approvals, meeting budgets and deadlines.

We have successfully received entitlements and approvals for over 20 projects. Since being founded in 1976, we have never had a project not be approved by government officials because of our hard work and refusal to cut corners.
Between our diligent site selection process and timely pre-development meetings with local jurisdictions, we have covered all the bases for a smooth approval process. We stay on top of the requirements and standards for projects in today’s fast-changing development world, making us the ultimate choice in self-storage development.

Our internal division, Thomastown Builders, specializes in the construction of self-storage facilities and industrial buildings. We never shy away from a project. With over one million square feet built in the past 40 years, we understand our product and are excited to bring that expertise to the table for you. Due to our commitment to detail and extensive knowledge in all aspects of self-storage, we are able to deliver high-quality projects ALWAYS on time and within budget.


How can we do this?

  • We have our own fleet of equipment, machinery, and a large team of exceptionally-skilled construction professionals to help expedite the scheduled completion date and save on end-costs. Our competition subcontracts out everything so they can't beat our pricing or guaranteed quality.
  • In the engineering and development phases, our project managers utilize Microsoft Project for realistic estimated completion dates.
  • Our accounting and draw requests are implemented through our leading-edge Yardi Construction software.


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Self Storage Building Framed in 10 hours

If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.” - Robert T. Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad)

After serving my country and working decades to make money, I finally decided it was time to make my money work for me. I chose one of the best cash flow businesses around...self storage. After checking out the big conglomerates, I didn't like that they tried to fit me into their expensive cookie-cutter box. After I interviewed Thomastown Builders (NorCal Self Storage Services), I knew they were here to help me design the business that fit my needs. Together we designed the perfect solution and their creativity not only saved me a lot of money, it now brings in amazing amounts of passive income that lets me enjoy the fruits of my labor into retirement.

- William R., Self Storage Owner - Sierra College Self Storage

We Can Help You Create Passive Income

Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you create a passive income stream that lasts for generations.

NorCal Self Storage Services

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