How To Open A Storage Unit In Sacramento and Beyond

When we think about one of the most frequent questions we get asked all the time from potential investors, it has to be,  How To Open a Storage Unit In Sacramento and surrounding areas? Rightfully so we answer in the following way, drawing on our 40 years of experience and the 30 plus storage unit facilities we’ve built or currently manage in the Sacramento Valley.

how to open a storage unit in the Sacramento

Construction of a brand new self-storage facility in the Sacramento Area.


Major Benefits to Opening a Storage Unit in Sacramento and Surrounding Areas

The self-storage industry has made millionaires all across this country. It’s no wonder why so many people want to explore this business model. Here are some of the key benefits of why you would want to open a self-storage unit in the Sacramento Area:


  • The Sacramento Area has a pro property developer-friendly environment, we would say one of the best in the state!
  • A self-storage unit is always in high demand
  • Minimal infrastructure required
  • Low operational expenses
  • High ROI
  • Economic resilience
  • Flexible business model
  • Tenant rights are much less restrictive than housing
  • When customers fail to pay, their property can be sold
  • You can have someone else manage your investment, learn more about our management services
  • New technology can make your facility completely automated without an onsite manager


The goal for most storage unit facility owners is to generate a regular cash flow and passive income. Most do not invest to create a job for themselves. The majority of our clients want to create a solid asset that provides high returns on their investment with as little hassle as possible.


How Do We Build and Help Open a Storage Unit In Sacramento and The Surrounding Areas?

People are always surprised to learn that while the process is long, it’s not that complex, and in fact, it’s actually much easier to open a self-storage unit facility in the Sacramento Area than is it to build a real estate rental property portfolio. With our extensive knowledge in local development and experience with helping so many investors create a passive revenue stream, we’ve made opening a Self-Storage Unit and managing a self-storage unit a breeze.

We specialize in the construction of self-storage facilities and industrial buildings, in fact, we have over 20 storage unit facilities right here in the Sacramento Area. We never shy away from a project. With over one million square feet built in the past 40 years, we understand our product and are excited to bring that expertise to the table for you.

We have our own fleet of equipment, machinery, and a large team of exceptionally skilled construction professionals to help expedite the scheduled completion date and save on end costs. Our competition subcontracts out everything so they can’t beat our pricing or guaranteed quality.

In the engineering and development phases, our project managers utilize Microsoft Project for realistic estimated completion dates.
Our accounting and draw requests are implemented through our leading-edge Yardi Construction software.



If you’re interested in opening a storage unit in the Sacramento area fill out the form below to speak with one of our storage experts.